Your Boudoir Marathon

Girl, don't worry. We got you!

We totally get it.


Doing a boudoir shoot is kind of a big deal. Your exposing yourself in a way that makes you vulnerable, and we understand that. 

We will get you feeling confident by doing your makeup, your hair, sharing a mimosa with you and helping you throughout the shoot to find the best poses for you. 

#preparing for your shoot

3 - 5 Days Prior

What we suggest you should do!

+ Send Makeup images of the look you want to Lash Boutique and Lounge

+ Drink lot os water

+ Moisturize everyday

+ Lower salt + alcohol intake to avoid retaining water

+ Do not tan or spray tan, you don't want blotchiness or tan lines

+ Get waxing done to avoid red bumps and irritation

+ Get your eyebrows done

+ Get your hair colour done to avoid colour lines

Day Before Your Shoot

You're so excited, and you just can'r fight it 

+ Keep drinking water

+ Get a manicure and Pedicure to finish off that flawless look

+ Keep moisturizing

+ Do a sheet mask for extra moisture

+ Get a good night sleep, 7 to 8 hours is ideal

+ Pack what you plan on wearing and place it close to the door

+ Wash your hair in the morning

+ Have 3-5 small meals throughout day, avoid 3 large meals

Today's the Day

Relax, you're well prepared

+ Eat a small breakfast, and bring a piece a fruit with you to the shoot

+ Wear loose clothing and not bra to avoid lines

+ Wash your face

+ Try to avoid tying up your hair

+ Clear deodorant

+ Don't worry, we know your nervous so when you come in just relax and       let us take over. 

#Event details

+ Hair by Candice (The Bonde Stylist)
+ Makeup by Danna (Lash Boutique and Lounge)
+ Photography Sara (Sara Jordan Photo)
+ 30 minute photography session
+ 10 edited images of your choice from an online album


*** Additional Images are available for purchase

What does it include?

+ The shoot is $375 (tax included)

+ $150 deposit required to book a time, with contract signed.

Time Slots Available

+ 9:00am 
+ 9:30am
+ 10:00am
+ 10:30am
+ 12:00pm
+ 12:30pm
+ 1:00pm
+ 1:30pm
+ 2:00pm

*** Please keep in mind that these are first come first serve. 

How much does it cost?

Meet The Team


Sara Jordan

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I am one of the cheesiest people you will ever meet, and I graduated from Photographic Technology program at NAIT in 2014

Candice Grace

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I'm funny, goofy and just all around entertaining. I'm a 10+ year Red Seal Journeyman Stylist with experience in Corrective Color, Color Melting and Vivids. 

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Danna Getty

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Yes, I'm the young one of the group, but at least I'm legal in all countries now. I've been doing makeup for numerous years, however I just recently received my certificate in Makeup Artisty.

Amanda Wilson

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I'll be the one dancing in the background, for absolutely no reason with or without music. PS, I'm not that great but it will make you laugh. I am a licensed cosmetologies and a certified Eyelash Technician