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Hey Guys!

Here's the trailer to my world!

In 2013, I moved from my home in Nova Scotia to Leduc, Alberta with my now husband. Let's just say.... Its a huge change. We decided one day in October that it was time for a shift in our life plan. We left December 27th, and drove in the middle of winter to Alberta. 

As soon as we arrived to Alberta we started to look for jobs! I was offered a job at Princess Auto, Tim Hortons, and as a receptionist but the job I wanted the most was at Lash Affair in Edmonton. I did my first interview, thought I did horrible but they asked me back for a second interview. "Nailed It" as I would of said back then. Got the job, did a little happy dance, and then realized I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT LASHES. 

Thankfully, Courtney Buhler (the owner at the time) saw potential. She trained me, I asked the staff an annoying amount of questions, and just learned as much as I could. 

I had been working at Lash Affair for 2 years, when I decided I needed a ADULT Job (Insert me rolling my eyes here). I went and applied at the Beverage Container Management Board, and got the job as their administrator. I eventually got a promotion and landed the Program Coordinator position. 

You know how sometimes people say they aren't meant for an office job, thats definitely me. I missed the freedom, the conversations, and just being able to make people feel good. So I went back to Lash Affair, which had a new owner. 

Although things were still the same as before, I was still feeling unfulfilled. So... I did what most people would be terrified to do, quit all my jobs and decided to start lashing on my own. I have 4 regular clients... yup, 4.  So i panicked and offered full sets at an extremely low cost, I started doing consultations for free to make sure they were receiving good lashes. Luckily, I was able to book up. 

January 4th, 2018 is when I opened up Lash Boutique and Lounge. It's been an incredible journey. I started out with just myself, then went to one, two, three staff members. 

In 2020, Prestige'd Studio came to light. It's been an adventure and I am so excited to say that we have;

- 2 Full Time Employees

- 1 Part Time Employee

- 4 Full Time Room Rentals

- 2 Part Time Space Rentals

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 7.30.05 PM.png

Here are some highlights over the year's;


* Certified in Classic

* Certified in Volume

* Certified in Lashlift + Tints

* Certified in Brow Waxing + Shaping + Tinting


* Opened Lash Boutique and Lounge

* Married my husband in September

* Accredited member with the National Association of Lash Artist (NALA) in 2018.

* Nominated for Lash Mentor (NALA) - Top 3

* Certified in Volume (Black Cat Lashes)

* Certified in Mega Volume (Black Cat Lashes) 

* Became an Elleebana Trainer for Lashlift + Tints


* Nominated for Customer Service (NALA)

* Nominated for Health and Safety

* Completed the NALA School for Lash Artists

* Certified in Volume (Wink Custom Lash Artistry)

* Certified in Mega Volume (Wink Custom Lash Artistry)

* Published in NALA newsletter


* Nominated for Customer Service Award (NALA)

* Nominated for Mentorship Award (NALA) 

* Nominated for Technique Award (NALA)

* Nominated for Lash Studio of the Year (NALA)

* Small Business of the Year (Leduc and Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce)

* Start-up Business of the Year (Leduc and Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce)

* Young Business Leader of the Year (Leduc and Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce)


* Nominated for Customer Service Award (NALA)

* Nominated for Mentorship Award (NALA) 

* Nominated for Lash Artist of the Year (NALA) 

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